Signs That You Need a Plumber Inspection

The pipes which run through your home are almost like veins and arteries. They carry water to key appliances and also remove waste from the home. Without those pipes working properly, your home can take a huge hit. Just like your own body, you want to make sure that the delicate parts of the home are also maintained throughout the year. Not many homeowners do this, however. To determine if your home needs a visit from a plumbing daphne al service sooner rather than later, consider these signs of plumbing issues.

1. Clogged Sinks

Undoubtedly, you likely put almost everything down your sink drain. Leftover food, oil, grease, perhaps even items like clothespins and corn holders have fallen down the drain. For those who have a garbage disposal, a lot of that food debris can be chewed up into harmless bits. For those without, you could be damaging your pipes without even realizing it. A clog can easily form in your pipes if you pour large chunks of food down the drain. Over time, this food can even start to solidify. Pressure may build and your pipe might burst. Depending on what kind of liquids you pour down the drain, you might also be eroding the pipe. This can make the pipe brittle and more prone to bursting as well. As such, if your sink keeps clogging up or you notice that it’s leaking, then you should call a plumber. They can inspect the pipe and repair it immediately.

2. Green Grass Around Septic Tank

When was the last time you had your septic tank inspected? Perhaps you’ve noticed that the grass around your septic tank is extremely green and lush. While this may look quite pretty it’s actually an indication that your tank is leaking. All of that fertilizer is seeping into the soil around it. It might also be trickling into your groundwater. For those who have a well without a filtration system, you could be drinking your own waste. A plumber can take a look at the tank and determine if it’s leaking.

3. Slow Draining Shower

Perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s taking your shower or tub to take hours just to drain entirely. Slow draining can be a sign that your pipes are starting to clog up. In the case of showers and tubs, the usual culprit is hair. A lot of hair is shed during a bathing session. Because soap is also washed down the drain, it gets into the hair and can create a hard mass. This mass then clogs the drain and makes it difficult for water to pass through. A solution in this instance is to have a plumber come and unclog it for you. They possess a series of equipment that can free your pipes of the clog without damaging the pipe in the process. Go for professional help to limit the amount of damage.